why does baby hate car seat



Why Does Baby Hate the Car Seat?

No parent wants to be stuck in the car with a crying, unhappy baby. But oftentimes it is unavoidable when your child hates the car seat. Let’s look at why babies struggle with car seats and how to make the experience more bearable for everyone.

Uncomfortable Position

The main reason why a baby might hate being in the car seat is that being restrained in such a way can be uncomfortable. As young as 3 months old, babies are developing body awareness, learning to explore and move their limbs. The car seat is the opposite of that: it restricts their movements, making them feel trapped.

Unfamiliar Environment

Another issue that could be affecting your baby’s dislike of the car seat is the unfamiliar environment of the car. Being in the car is not a setting that babies are used to, undoubtedly causing them to feel insecure in that environment.

Strategy for Success

Here are some tips for making the car seat experience more enjoyable for your child:

    • Create a Relaxing Routine: Before getting in the car, establish a relaxing routine for your child. This could be a simple snuggling session, quiet lullabies, or singing favorite songs. Routines give babies a sense of security, which could help minimize their fussiness in the car.


    • Bring Familiar Items: Pack a bag with items that are familiar and calming to them, like their favorite toy or blanket. Having these objects close by can help your baby feel more comforted.


    • Start Early: The earlier you introduce your baby to the car seat, the better. This gives them more time to become accustomed to the feeling of being in the car, and encourages them to associate the car seat with comfort.


By following these strategies, you can hopefully make your baby’s car seat experience more enjoyable. Remember that, with young babies in particular, having patience and understanding goes a long way to minimizing their discomfort.