why does baby keep latching and unlatching



Why does a baby keep latching and unlatching?

It isn’t uncommon for breastfeeding parents to feel frustrated when their baby latches and unlatches from the breast every few minutes. It can get quite frustrating and leave parents questioning why their baby keeps latching and unlatching from the breast.

Reasons why a baby keeps latching and unlatching

    • Hunger: A baby may be asking for the breast because of hunger. Separating hunger and comfort is important – if your baby needs more comfort, try soothing or cuddling before turning to the breast.


    • Growth spurt: It may be that your baby’s undergoing a growth spurt and they need more milk than usual. A baby’s appetite is usually greater during growth spurts and they may seem hungrier than usual.


    • Sleep: Feeding may help your baby to drift off to sleep. If this is the case, try to establish a good bedtime routine which is calming for your baby.


    • Distraction: It could be that your baby is easily distracted and this means they have difficulty getting latched and staying connected to your breast. Try to create a quiet and secluded space for a breastfeed.


Tips for helping a baby latch and stay latched

    • Encourage the baby’s open mouth reflex by stroking the baby’s bottom lip with your nipple.


    • Check that the baby is positioned comfortably and that their head, neck, and body are aligned well.


    • Encourage the baby to stay latched while they’re drinking. This can be done by moving your body and gently touching the back of the baby’s head.


    • Avoid distractions which might cause the baby to unlatch, such as noisy or bright environments.


    • If necessary, express milk onto a spoon or bath towel for distraction so that when the baby does latch, your milk is flowing.


    • Try not to become frustrated and take time to relax and stay calm.


In summary, there are a few reasons why a baby might keep latching and unlatching from the breast. To help prevent this, it’s important to identify why the baby keeps latching and unlatching, create a comfortable and relaxed environment and position the baby comfortably.