why does baby rub face on me


Why Does Baby Rub Face On Me?

If you’ve ever noticed your baby rubbing their face on you, you may have wondered what was behind it. The answer may not be obvious, but there are a few potential explanations.


One of the primary reasons why babies rub faces is simply to bond and connect with their caregivers. When babies are born, their only way of communicating is through physical contact. Face rubbing helps them to form an emotional connection with their parents and establish a sense of familiarity.

Exploring New Faces

This behavior also serves as an exploratory exercise for babies. By rubbing their faces against their parents’, they can learn what their parent’s skin feels like, and gain insight into various facial features, expressions, and emotions.

The Comfort Factor

Face rubbing is also a source of comfort for babies. This behavior is often seen when babies are emotionally overwhelmed or frightened. By rubbing their face against a parent’s skin, they can find a sense of solace and relaxation in their caregiver’s warm embrace.

Nasal Stimulation

Finally, babies may also be engaging in face rubbing to get a mental “pick me up”. There is evidence that suggests the areas around the nose can trigger positive chemical receptors in the brain, leading to a boost in mood and general wellbeing.

All in all, while it may seem strange, babies rubbing their faces is an entirely normal behavior. So if you find your little one doing it, rest assured that it’s just a sign of their love and connection to you.

Tips for Encouraging Face Rubbing:

  • Make sure to have ample time for physical contact with your baby each day.
  • Be sure to respond to their face rubbing with loving words and expressions.
  • Create a safe, comforting environment for your baby whenever possible.
  • Pay attention to their body language, as this can help you to identify which behaviors make them feel happy and secure.