why does baby stick out tongue


Why Does a Baby Stick Out its Tongue?

It is in a baby’s nature to stick out its tongue, and it is usually not anything to worry about. Here are some of the reasons why babies’ may stick their tongues out:

Development and Exploration

At a very young age babies are in the process of developing muscle control and exploring their environment. Sticking out the tongue can happen as the child learns how to move their mouth and control their facial muscles. It is considered to be normal and is just a part of the process.


If a baby is being breastfed or fed with a bottle, sticking out its tongue is a normal part of sucking. It ensures the nipple or bottle stays in its mouth, and it is also a part of the massage process.


A baby’s tongue sticking out is also a part of its inherent reflex. If a finger or a spoon is placed close to the baby’s mouth, it will likely stick its tongue out as a natural response.


Babies may also stick their tongues out to seek comfort, particularly when they are teething. When babies are teething, they may stick out their tongues to make the discomfort from their emerging teeth slightly easier.

Smiling and Laughing

Babies stick out their tongues in response to something that is funny or amusing. It may just be a mild reaction or could be an outright laugh. Sticking out the tongue is the baby’s way of expressing joy and fun.

In most cases, sticking out the tongue in nothing to be concerned about and is just a part of growth and exploration. As a baby learns to use its mouth and facial muscles, it may involve sticking out its tongue.