why does my baby boy pee up his back



The Mystery of Back-peeing Babies

It can be a mystery to parents trying to decipher why their baby boy routinely pees up his back. It’s a sight to behold –– more shock than anger –– when parents spot the wet back of their beloved child. But the cause is likely much simpler than most parents think.

What Causes Back-peeing?


    • Standing Positioning: One of the most common causes for back-peeing is the baby’s positioning. If a baby is standing up, the pee often arches in the opposite direction away from his diaper and in the back.


    • Infrequent Diaper Changes: If a diaper is left on for too long, it can become full and cause the pee to stream out in the wrong direction.


    • Growth Spurts: Infant growth spurts can cause the diaper to become tighter. As a result, this causes the baby to pee in a different direction even when lying down.


How to Stop Back-peeing


    • Regular Diaper Changes: Be sure to change your baby’s diaper often. If you notice that your baby is unusually wet, chances are it’s time for a change.


    • Adjust Sitting Position: If your baby is particularly pee happy, adjust his positioning. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to sit him down instead of standing him to minimize pee splash.


    • Warm Water: If your baby is a back-peeing machine, consider running some warm water over his back or buttocks to help dilute the pee.


Back-peeing can be really frustrating, especially when parents are just trying to get on with their daily routine. Fortunately, the causes can almost always be traced and eliminated. Taking preventative measures, like regular diaper changing and adjusting your baby’s sitting position, can go a long way in keeping him dry and comfortable.