why does my baby curls her toes when standing



What Causes Babies to Curl Their Toes While Standing?

It is common for babies to curl their toes and sometimes even their entire legs when learning to stand. This reaction is referred to as the Moro Reflex or Startle Reflex. It is a normal part of early development and is usually harmless, however it can leave parents feeling concerned and unsure of what they should do.

What is the Moro Reflex?

The Moro Reflex is a response that babies exhibit when startled or transitioning between states of sleep and wakefulness. It is a primitive reflex that helps the infant to protect itself by bracing against the sudden change in environment. As they stand up, they often curl their toes and legs as a reaction to their unfamiliar environment.

When Does the Moro Reflex Normally Appear?

The Moro Reflex typically manifests between the ages of 3-4 months, but can also be seen in newborns. It usually disappears by the time the baby reaches 6 months, but may persist for up to a year.

Should I be Concerned?

If your baby is exhibiting the Moro Reflex, then there is no need to be concerned. It is a normal part of development and is completely harmless. If the reflex is at a level that is consistently hindering their ability to stand or walk, then you may want to consult a doctor to make sure there are no underlying medical conditions.

Additional Tips:


    • Provide gentle support as your baby begins to stand.


    • Be patient, as it will take some time for them to gain complete control.


    • Keep your baby’s environment safe by removing any sharp or breakable objects from the area.


    • Encourage them to practice standing with toys and chairs for support.


By understanding the Moro Reflex and why it causes your baby to curl her toes when standing, you can be better prepared to support them in their journey to learn how to stand and walk.