why does my baby growl so much


Why Does My Baby Growl So Much?

There is a common misconception that babies cannot understand how to express their emotions. This is simply not true. A baby’s growl is their way of communicating and trying to get their needs met. So why does your baby growl so much?


When your baby is hungry, growling can be an early sign of distress. Babies sometimes growl before they start to cry, as it is a natural way for them to express their hunger. If you notice your baby growling when you’re feeding them, it’s a sign that they need more food.

Boredom or Frustration

A baby may growl when they are bored, frustrated or in need of some attention. They might start to make low-pitched growling noises in an attempt to let you know that they need something to do or need your help in solving a problem.

Feeling Overwhelmed

Babies can be easily overwhelmed when their environment is too loud or too stimulating. This can cause them to growl or even cry in order to let you know that they need some peace and quiet.

What To Do

Growing can be a normal part of a baby’s development and nothing to be worried about. Here are a few tips to help you understand why your baby might be growling:

  • Pay attention to your baby’s cues – take a few moments to observe your baby’s behavior throughout the day, as this will help you to identify when they need something and why.
  • Reduce stimulation – try to keep the noise levels in your home and your baby’s environment to a minimum, as too much stimulation can be overwhelming for them.
  • Make sure your baby is fed – growling is often a sign that your baby is hungry, so make sure that you are feeding them at regular intervals.

It is important to remember that growling is a normal part of a baby’s development. Paying attention to their cues, reducing stimulation and making sure they are fed will help you to understand your baby’s needs and why they may be growling so much.