why does my baby hate the car


Why Does My Baby Hate the Car?

Do you struggle to get your baby to calm down in the car? You’re not alone, many parents face a similar problem at some point. Here are a few reasons why your baby might not be a fan of the car:

Motion Sickness

One common cause of car-sickness is related to your baby’s age. Babies and toddlers have undeveloped inner ears. This means that their less mature nervous system sometimes has difficulty dealing with the motion of the car.

Change in Routine

Another issue could be related to your baby’s routine. Riding in the car can disrupt their usual order of events. If your baby is used to eating or playing during a certain time, the car can throw them off.

Too Hot or Too Cold

Finally, you might be over or under-heating the car. It is important to achieve the correct temperature for an enjoyable ride, as babies have difficulty regulating their body temperature. If it’s too cold, your baby might be struggling to stay warm and vice-versa for an over-heated car.


Here are some tried and tested tips for making car trips fun for your baby:

  • Play Music —Music can have a soothing and calming effect on your baby.
  • Feed Before Leaving — Make sure your baby’s stomach is full prior to departing. This can help to maintain their routine.
  • Don’t Over Heat — Keep the vehicle at a comfortable and constant temperature.
  • Talk or Sing — If it is safe to take your eyes off the road, interact with your baby and talk or sing to them.
  • Bring a Toy — Include your baby’s favourite toy or book in the car ride.

By following some of these tips, your next car ride with your baby might be a little more enjoyable for the both of you.