why does my baby hate the car



Why Does My Baby Hate the Car?

Riding in the car can be a dreaded experience for your baby; it can be difficult for parents to understand why. Car journeys are unavoidable for parents, so understanding why your baby has trouble riding in the car can help you figure out ways to make it more enjoyable for everyone.

• Motion Sickness

Motion sickness can cause nausea, sweating, headaches and dizziness and is often experienced in cramped vehicles over long distances. Babies who experience motion sickness may feel anxious about riding in the car, because of their past experience related to feeling sick.

• Temperature Changes

A baby can be very sensitive to changes in temperature, and it can be difficult to find a middle ground that’s comfortable for your infant. If the car is too hot, the baby can quickly become uncomfortable; if it is too cold, they can become fussy or cry.

• Noises

Whether it’s the engine noise, the passengers talking or the sound of the radio, too much noise in the car can cause your baby to become overwhelmed and agitated. To reduce noise levels, listen to soothing music or turn down the radio volume.

• Lack of Space

If the car is full or stuffed with too many items like shopping bags or toys, it can make your baby feel cramped and uncomfortable. To reduce the risk of your baby feeling overwhelmed, make sure the car is uncluttered and that the seats are not too close together.

Tips to Make Car Rides Easier

• Make sure the car is well-ventilated and at a comfortable temperature.

• Bring a few of your baby’s favourite toys to keep him or her occupied during the journey.

• Have snacks and drinks on hand to help ease any discomfort.

• Play soft, calming music in the car to reduce noise levels.

• Stop the car every so often if your baby needs a break.

By following these tips and tricks you can ensure that car journeys remain an enjoyable and comfortable experience for your baby. There will still be times when your baby gets anxious or fussy in the car, but understanding why it happens can help you make the trips more bearable for everyone.