why does my baby move when i eat



Why Does My Baby Move When I Eat?

Do you often feel like your baby is more active when you’re eating? If so, you’re not alone! Many pregnant women report feeling an increase in fetal movement in response to what they’re eating. Here’s why.

Your Baby is Hungry

When you eat, it is quite likely that your baby is hungry too! The fetal digestive system matures while you’re pregnant, so they may recognize certain flavors and smells and even get excited when you start to eat.

Blood Flow Increase

When you eat, your body increases its blood flow in order to process the food. Increased blood flow and nutrients can also transfer to the baby, giving them a little bit of a “pick me up” and prompting them to move more.

Healthy Reactions

Increased fetal movement in response to the food you eat is actually a very healthy response. It indicates that your baby is both healthy and that their digestive system is functioning well.

What To Do

If you notice your baby is more active when you eat, try to take it as a compliment! It’s likely that your baby is just enjoying the same foods you do.

Tips for Snacking

If your baby’s movements become uncomfortable, however, try snacking on healthier foods like:

    • Fruits


    • Nuts


    • Veggies


    • Healthy Protein Sources


These healthy snacks can help to reduce your baby’s activity while giving you an energy boost as well.

Overall, feeling your baby move while you’re eating is a normal and healthy sign of pregnancy. Enjoy this special connection you have with your baby and savor every moment!