why does my baby scratch everything


Why Does My Baby Scratch Everything?

As a parent, it can be incredibly frustrating to find that your baby is scratching and tearing everything in sight, as this behaviour can quickly become expensive and you just want the best for your little one. But why is your baby scratching?

Exploration through Touch

One of the biggest reasons that babies typically scratch is because they are exploring the world around them through touch. Babies rely on their sense of touch more than any of their other senses – to explore and process the world around them.

Cognitive Development

Scratching is also a way for your baby to practice their cognitive development. It’s a way for them to learn techniques that help them to understand the shape, size and texture of an object.

Necessary Comfort

Scratching can sometimes be a way to comfort and soothe themselves. If your baby is feeling overwhelmed or over-stimulated, they may turn to scratching as a way to help them feel better.

How to Prevent Scratching

If you’re finding that your baby is scratching objects, there are a few ways you can help to prevent it:

  • Provide Alternatives: Provide your baby with toys or other objects that they can safely touch and explore.
  • Occupy Their Attention: Engage your baby with activities that will keep them distracted and occupied.
  • Create Boundaries: Create boundaries in the environment where your baby is not allowed to scratch.

Scratching may seem like a nuisance, but it is all part of your baby’s development and growth. By providing the appropriate alternatives and engaging in your baby’s development, you will be able to help discourage scratching.