why does my baby scratch his head while sleeping



Why Does My Baby Scratch His Head While Sleeping

It can be alarming to see your little one scratching their head while sleeping—but it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong. Babies have a habit of moving their arms and legs while they dream, and sometimes they’ll scratch their head as part of that process.

Baby’s Immune System

It’s not uncommon for babies to develop minor illnesses and infections soon after they’re born, caused by their immature immune system. Even as they get older and their immune system matures, their bodies may still act out in unusual ways from time to time.

What Causes Head Scratching?

Scratching their head may occur if your baby is feeling the itchiness associated with insects or allergic reactions to certain materials, detergents, oils, or lotions. It’s possible that the sensation of itching around their head is bothering them, and they may scratch it in an attempt to soothe it.

Common Treatments for Head Scratching

The good news is, head scratching is generally easily treated. Here are a few tips to try:

    • Keep their head cool. Make sure your baby isn’t getting too hot while they sleep. Place a fan in the nursery (set to low) or use a cool, damp cloth around their head.


    • Check their bedding. Make sure their bedding is soft, comfortable, and free of any irritated fabrics.


    • Visit the doctor. If the head scratching persists, it’s best to speak to your pediatrician to get a better understanding of what is causing it.


If you’re unsure why your baby is scratching their head during their sleep, try to observe if there are any other symptoms that could be associated with a medical issue. If so, you should speak to your pediatrician right away.