why does my baby spit up clear liquid



Why Does My Baby Spit Up Clear Liquid?

Spitting up clear liquid, sometimes referred to as “possetting” or “spilling”, is a common issue among babies, especially in their first 3 months. Although it can be concerning for a parent to experience, most of the time this is a normal, non-serious issue.

What is Possetting?

Possetting is when an infant brings up breastmilk or formula in small amounts. It’s different than vomiting or reflux and oftentimes happens after a baby has been fed. Possetting can sometimes contain bile, a white or yellow liquid, but usually it is clear. Most babies don’t seem to mind when it happens and their health isn’t usually affected.

What Causes Possetting?

There are a number of reasons why an infant might posset. It is usually related to how much or how quickly they drink their baby formula or breastmilk.

    • Overfeeding/Eating Too Fast: Babies sometimes try to eat too much, swallow too quickly, and fill their stomachs farther than their bodies can comfortably handle. This causes possetting.


    • Underdeveloped Muscles: A baby’s lower esophageal sphincter, the valve between the stomach and esophagus, is not yet fully developed. Because of this, when a baby eats too quickly, it can lead to possetting.


    • Food Allergies: A baby can also posset if they have food allergies that might be giving them an upset stomach.


Preventing Possetting

Parents can help to reduce the chance of their baby posseting by:

    • Feeding baby smaller amounts more often.


    • Pacing the feeding with breaks to burp.


    • Sticking to a regular feeding schedule.


    • Avoiding overfeeding.


    • Making sure they keep their baby’s head slightly higher than their tummy while feeding.


Overall, possetting is generally a non-serious issue and something most babies grow out of as they get older. While there are ways to prevent it, if it does happen, rest assured that it’s nothing to be worried about.