why does my baby stomach growl while breastfeeding


Why Does My Baby’s Stomach Growl While Breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding can be a wonderful experience for both baby and mother, but occasionally there may be a few surprises along the way. One common but slightly embarrassing surprise is a baby’s stomach growling while they breastfeed.

Reasons Baby’s Stomach May Growl While Breastfeeding

Your baby’s stomach growling while breastfeeding is completely normal and is not anything to worry about! There are a few different potential explanations:

  • Airlock: Gas forms in the baby’s stomach during breastfeeding as air is mixed in with the milk. When the baby pulls away from the breast, this accumulated gas leaves the stomach as an ‘airlock’. This release can make a growling sound.
  • Hunger: Babies sometimes exhibit stomach growling even when their stomach is full from nursing, and it is possible that the noise is caused by a hunger reflex. This is perfectly natural, and simply means your baby is ready for more.
  • Processing Milk: Some belly gurgles are caused by the processing and digestion of the milk itself. Stomach movements (known as ‘motility’) begin while baby is still nursing, and this can cause a growling noise.

Tips to Soothe Baby’s Growling Tummy

If your baby’s stomach starts gurgling during breastfeeding these tips can help keep them comfortable and happy while they feed:

  • Burp: Pausing your baby’s feed to burp can help release some trapped gas, and will make them more comfortable as they continue nursing.
  • Change Positions: Trying different breastfeeding positions can help keep air from entering your baby’s stomach.
  • Stay Calm: Your baby can almost certainly feel your stress, so the best thing you can do is keep calm, which will help your baby stay relaxed.

No matter the cause, it’s not possible to fully stop your baby’s stomach from growling during feeding. By understanding the reasons and providing a calm atmosphere, your little one’s stomach growls can be a minor inconvenience instead of an embarrassing moment.