why does my baby wake up at 5am


Why Does My Baby Wake Up at 5AM?

Having a baby sometimes feels like being up against a mystery. One morning, it can take just an hour to put them down to sleep only to find that by 5am they are wide awake again and ready to start their day. But why does this become a habit for so many babies?

Early Risers Linked To Genetics

It turns out that genetics play a role in why babies wake early. Research has found that some babies can be more prone to early waking due to having “morning genes”. If either the mother or father is an early riser, then their little one may have inherited the early-morning-habit gene.

Developmental Milestones

Another reason for early waking is that little ones are naturally early risers. This is because their developing brains are telling them when it is time to wake and be alert. After all, this is when babies explore, learn and experience the world. Furthermore, babies awaken several times during overnight and may cry out for attention more when they are getting ready to learn a new milestone.

Clarity of Vision

Babies generally see more clearly as the sun rises and the light increases gradually. As a result, once early morning has happened, your little one is more likely to be curious and excited to grab those toys and start exploring again.

Tips to Prevent Early Waking

  • Establishing a Schedule – Try to establish a consistent routine for your little one and stick to it. This can encourage them to have a good night’s sleep, cultivate good sleeping habits, and eventually sleep longer into the morning.
  • Keeping Bedtimes Consistent – Try to keep your baby’s bedtime consistent. Babies thrive off consistency and if they have enough sleep at night, they may not be able to stay asleep until their desired “wake-up time.”
  • Amending the Bedroom Environment – Ensure that the bedroom is comfortable and ideal for sleeping. Make sure the room has optimal temperature, background noise, and darkness to ensure that baby’s sleep isn’t disrupted.

Try to bear in mind that waking early is not a rule-of-thumb for all babies, and that the mystery of why little ones wake up early could be attributed to any of the reasons discussed earlier. A little trial and error can help you determine the best and most effective technique to get your baby to sleep longer into the morning.