why does my baby’s belly make noises when feeding


Why Does My Baby’s Belly Make Noises When Feeding?

It is natural for parents to worry when they hear gurgling sounds coming from their baby’s stomach during feeding. In most cases, these noises should not cause any alarm, but it is important to understand why they occur.

Reasons Why Your Baby’s Belly Makes Noises When Feeding

  • Air Swallowing: Babies often swallow air while feeding, leading to gurgling noises in the stomach.
  • Digestion: Through digestion, the acid in the stomach and gas all contribute to making a gurgling noise.
  • Hungry Baby: When a baby is very hungry, their stomach can make noises due to strong growling or the movement of food from the stomach.

Should I Be Worried About My Baby’s Gurgling Noises?

Most of the time, the gurgling noises that your baby’s stomach makes when they are feeding does not indicate any health issues and is usually caused by air swallowing. However, if the noises are loud, sustained, or accompanied by other symptoms like excessive crying, reduced appetite, or vomiting, there may be an underlying issue that requires medical attention.

It may also be beneficial to track when the noises occur as this can provide clues to what is causing them. For example, if the gurgling is more frequent when the baby is coming off the breast, it is possible that the baby is still hungry or swallowing air.


Gurgling noises from your baby’s stomach while feeding are usually no cause for worry. It is important to understand the possible causes of the noises and use that information to decide whether or not to seek medical attention. In most cases, the sounds are completely harmless and are just the result of air swallowing and digestion.