why does my baby’s lip quiver when nursing



Why Does My Baby’s Lip Quiver When Nursing?

It can be concerning to witness your baby’s lips trembling or quivering while they are nursing. Usually, this is a very normal development stage and there is no need to worry. In this article, we will look at why babies lip quiver when nursing and when to seek medical help.

Why Does My Baby Quiver While Nursing?

The quivering of your baby’s lips while nursing is usually caused by the development of their muscle control. This quivery lip or chin will usually clear up as your baby’s body develops and gains muscle strength.

When to Seek Medical Advice

Although it is a very common phenomenon, if your baby displays any of the following signs, you should seek medical advice:

    • Cyanosis: This prevents oxygen from travelling throughout the body and is indicated by a blue tinge in their skin.


    • Difficulty Breathing: If your baby is having difficulty breathing or looks like it is struggling to nurse, medical help should be sought immediately.


    • Loud Breath: If you hear your baby’s breathing becoming loud or snoring while they are nursing, this can indicate a heart or respiratory problem.


In conclusion, it is normal for a baby’s lips to quiver when nursing as they are developing their muscle control. However, if your baby is showing signs such as cyanosis or difficulty breathing, you should immediately seek medical advice.