why does my baby’s nose look so big on ultrasound


Why Does My Baby’s Nose Look So Big on Ultrasound?

Ultrasounds are often a source of both joy and anxiety for many expecting parents. We can’t wait to meet our little one, but the ultrasounds can also look a bit strange. So it’s not uncommon to have questions about what you’re seeing. One common question is about a baby’s big nose on ultrasound.

It’s All About the Angle

The first thing to keep in mind is that the size of your baby’s nose on an ultrasound is often exaggerated due to the angle at which the ultrasound was taken. This angle is determined by the position of your baby and the position of the ultrasound device trying to get the best view.

The Amniotic Fluid

The amniotic fluid that surrounds your baby in the womb can also affect the way their nose appears to be on the ultrasound. Of course, amniotic fluid is necessary and healthy, while thick fluid can sometimes cause the baby’s nose to appear larger. Additionally, thin amniotic fluid can sometimes cause the baby’s nose to look smaller.

What Should I Do?

Don’t worry, the size of your baby’s nose will probably even out and look more normal over time. Ultrasounds can cause anxiety and you don’t always have to interpret everything you see. It’s easy to focus on small details and start to worry, but the size of your baby’s nose will probably be just fine.

Your doctor or midwife can also help put your mind at ease by confirming if you’re baby’s nose is a normal size and will likely look more familiar by the time they are born.

Other things to note are:

  • Angle – The angle at which the ultrasound was taken can affect the size of your baby’s nose
  • Amniotic Fluid – Thick amniotic fluid can cause your baby’s nose to appear large, and thin fluid can make it appear small.
  • Talk to a Doctor – If you’re anxious about your baby’s nose size on ultrasound, talk to your doctor or midwife for further assurance.

Your baby’s nose size on ultrasound does not generally mean anything more than an angle of view or amniotic fluid making it appear larger. Try not to worry and let your midwife or doctor provide you with reassurance.