why does my cat sleep on my chest


Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Chest?

It’s a common sight – a furry bundle curled up and comfortably dozing on your chest. So why does your cat find this spot so appealing?

The Comfort of Human Body Heat

One of the main perks of your chest is that it is much warmer than the rest of your bed or a nearby chair or sofa. Cats are drawn to warmth, and the heat of your body can provide a feeling of comfort that other spots are unable to replicate.

Safety and Security

As predators, cats need to stay on the look-out. With your chest providing a secure vantage point, your cat can scan the area for potential threats.

The Familiar Smell of You

Your chest is also likely to be a familiar scent. Cats not only rely on scent to explore the environment but also to create a feeling of security that everything is as it should be. The smell of you on your chest will most likely be comforting to them.

The Sense of Companionship

Finally, cats are social animals and enjoy companionship from other animals and from people. Sleeping on your chest offers them a nearer-than-normal proximity to their beloved people that they can’t get from a spot on the other side of the room.


With all these factors at play, it’s no surprise that cats are attracted to sleeping on our chests. Make sure you’re comfortable if you’re going to allow it in your bedroom. Before you know it, your cat may have claimed the spot permanently – and that’s OK too.