why is brandon moreno called the assassin baby



Why is Brandon Moreno Called The Assassin Baby?

Brandon Moreno, UFC Flyweight fighter, is a rising star in the world of MMA. He has earned the moniker “The Assassin Baby,” thanks to his impressive 14-4-1 record, masterful jiu-jitsu and powerful striking ability. But how did he earn this title?

Aggressive Style of Fighting

Brandon Moreno is known for his aggressive and relentless style of fighting. He often puts his opponents in a whirlwind of attack, overwhelming them with strikes, submissions and complex combinations. This intensity has led to some spectacular wins, often in a very short amount of time.

Winning Streak

Moreno has been on an impressive streak since May 2016. During this time, he has won nine out of his last ten fights, culminating in a submission victory over Brandon Royval at UFC 256. This impressive run of form has helped come to define Moreno’s style of fighting.

Unique Personality

Moreno is also known for his unique personality. He often wears clothing emblazoned with his nickname “The Assassin Baby” and is known for making extreme statements about his opponents in interviews. This flamboyant attitude is part of what makes Moreno such a fan favorite.

Why It Stuck

Moreno’s nickname “The Assassin Baby” stuck for many reasons. His impressive winning streak, aggressive style of fighting and unique personality have made him a fan favorite in the MMA world. It is a testament to his skill, determination and charisma as a fighter.

All in all, Brandon Moreno is an exciting fighter to watch. It’s easy to see why “The Assassin Baby” has become his nickname.