why is my baby goat shaking


My Baby Goat is Shaking – What Should I Do?

If you have a pet baby goat, then you may be concerned if you see them shaking or trembling. Shaking can be a sign of many different things, some of which may be serious. If your pet baby goat is shaking, it’s always important to try and determine the cause.

Reasons Why a Baby Goat May Shake

Many of the reasons why a baby goat may experience shaking are due to things such as:

    • Cold Weather: Baby goats who become cold can experience shaking due to shivering, especially in extreme weather conditions. This is a natural response.


    • Pain: Pain or discomfort can cause the baby goat to have muscle spasms or trembling. This is a natural response and can be a sign of possible injury or medical issue.


    • Fear: Fear or anxiety can cause a baby goat to tremble or shake. This is a natural response, and can be due to fear of unfamiliar people or strange objects.


    • Disease: Diseases such as Parasites Infections, Johne’s Disease, and Enterotoxaemia (overeating disease) can cause shaking and trembling.


What Should I Do If My Baby Goat isShaking?

If you notice your baby goat shaking, it’s important to determine the cause. Start by making sure the goat is in a warm and sheltered environment. If the shaking is due to cold weather, it should stop once the goat is warm. If the shaking persists, you should consider taking the goat to a veterinarian for an evaluation.

Your veterinarian will be able to determine the cause of the shaking and provide the necessary treatment if needed. Treatment could include supportive care, medications, or other procedures depending on the cause.


If your baby goat is shaking, it’s important to determine the cause. In most cases, it’s caused by something such as cold weather, fear/anxiety, or an illness/injury that requires medical attention. If the cause is unknown, it’s important to take the goat to a veterinarian for evaluation.