why should you be in the proper gear before


The importance of Proper Gear before Exercising

Exercising requires us to wear comfortable clothing and proper footwear that can withstand periods of low-to-medium intensity activity. Wearing the right gear not only improves our performance, but it also helps enhance safety and protect us from potential injuries. Here are the reasons why you should be in the proper gear before you begin exercising:


When we wear proper shoes and clothing, it provides sufficient support and stability to our body. Proper gear helps to protect us from potential injuries such as ankle sprains, muscle strains and joint pain.

Prevent overheating and excessive sweating

When we wear the right clothing and shoes, it helps prevent excessive sweating, which can cause dehydration. It also helps to regulate our body temperature, which can be beneficial during logging long distance or tough workout sessions.

Improved Performance

Wearing proper gear helps improve our performance. For instance, proper shoes can provide better cushioning and support during intense training sessions that can help minimize fatigue and increase our endurance. Likewise, clothing that fits well can help us move freely and more efficiently during workouts.

Increased Comfort

Proper gear helps to provide increased comfort during exercise. Wearing the right clothing helps to trap heat, protect us from the cold and absorb sweat. Shoes that provide adequate arch support help to minimize fatigue and discomfort during long runs.


Being adequately prepared for exercise is essential to ensure our safety and performance. This includes wearing proper gear such as supportive shoes and comfortable clothing. Wearing the right gear can also help to improve our performance and increase our comfort while exercising. So, make sure to wear the proper gear before you start exercising and stay safe and properly prepared for all your physical activities.