why was the baby cookie sad answer key


The Baby Cookie’s Sadness: An Analysis

The baby cookie was a cookie of great joy and cheer, however, it was recently found to be quite sad. Let’s take a look at why.

Cause #1: Unfortunate Choice of Mission

The baby cookie was assigned an impossible mission that involved a great deal of responsibility and sacrifice. To reach its destination, the baby cookie had to traverse through a daunting and dangerous obstacle course filled with things that threatened its safety.

Cause #2: Unfavorable Conditions

In addition to the difficult mission, the environment in which the baby cookie traveled was not conducive to its success. The baby cookie found itself subject to extreme heat, intense humidity, and a ceaseless barrage of birds that were looking to make quick work of it.

Cause #3: Self-Doubt

The baby cookie had trouble believing in itself and its abilities. Despite all of the dangers and challenges it faced, the baby cookie ultimately lacked the confidence in its own capabilities to complete its mission.


The baby cookie’s sadness can be reversed, but it must first learn to believe in itself and its own strength. Once it has that belief, it can take on any challenging obstacle with the same joy and cheer that it had before.


The baby cookie’s sadness can be resolved, but only through believing in its own capabilities, taking on difficult tasks, and finding joy in its mission. With these things, the baby cookie will be on its way to a life of happiness once more.