why was the baby cookie sad


Why was the Baby Cookie Sad?

Most of us like to eat cookies but have you ever wondered why the baby cookie was so sad?

A Sweet Story

Once upon a time there was a baby cookie who was made in a cookie factory. He had many dreams but suddenly his dreams were broken.

He was so sad because the factory’s machine was too rough. All the other cookies were loved and eaten, but no one wanted to taste him. He wanted someone to bite him and love him the same way as all the other cookies but no one was interested.

Reasons for his Sadness

The baby cookie was sad for many reasons:

  • Loneliness: He was all alone in the cookie factory. No one cared for him and he felt like he was all alone in the world.
  • Fear of Getting Eaten: He was afraid of being eaten by someone who would not appreciate him. He wanted someone to love him and appreciate his sweetness.
  • Rejection: He was rejected by everyone. Everyone else was applauded for their deliciousness but he was left alone in a corner of the factory.

Making the Baby Cookie Smile Again

One day a kind old man entered the factory and spotted the baby cookie. He was so sad that he decided to take him home. He ate the baby cookie with love and care. The baby cookie smiled again and that day was the happiest day of his life.

Since then, the baby cookie has never been sad again and he cherishes the moment when he was given the love and appreciation he so longed for.

So next time you are eating a cookie, remember the sweet story of the baby cookie and appreciate it!