will health insurance pay for a swimming pool


Will Health Insurance Pay for a Swimming Pool?

In general, health insurance does not pay for the purchase or installation of a swimming pool. However, there may be cases where it could provide coverage for swimming pool-related services or products.

Things health insurance might pay for

Depending on your health plan and specific diagnosis, health insurance might pay for some things related to swimming pools:

  • Medical evaluation: If a doctor or physical therapist recommends an evaluation for aquatic therapy, health insurance may cover this service. The evaluation helps to identify a safe plan of action for the patient.
  • Physician-prescribed therapy: If medical tests show that swimming pool therapy is beneficial to your health condition, health insurance may cover a portion of physical therapy sessions administered in a pool.
  • Assistive devices: If you require certain swimming aids, such as special safety equipment, your health insurance may offer coverage. The coverage will depend on the plan and/or provider

Things health insurance typically doesn’t pay for

Health insurance likely won’t pay for the installation or initial purchase of a swimming pool. Any installation fees, pool supplies, pool maintenance, and related costs would be out-of-pocket expenses.

Additional considerations

Be sure to read your health plan documents before paying for any services and/or products related to swimming pool construction or therapy. Also contact your health provider for guidance and to verify any coverage.

In conclusion, health insurance generally does not pay for the purchase or installation of a swimming pool. However, it may pay for medical evaluations, doctor-prescribed therapy, and certain swimming aids depending on the health plan and diagnosis.